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This startup sells microdosing kits to boost productivity
So I did magic truffles for a month

New research from the Institute of Psychiatry, Psychology. & Neuroscience (IoPPN) at King’s College London shows that psilocybin. – a psychedelic drug isolated from the Psilocybe mushroom. – can be administer at doses of either 10mg or 25mg. According to the literature published by James Rucker and Allan Young. This can find use “alongside talking therapy. As a potential treatment for a range of mental health conditions. Including treatment-resistant depression (TRD) and PTSD.”

Our original story follows.

The idea of microdosing hallucinogenic drugs to boost productivity has always fascinated me. I’m distracted and quite chaotic. so taking tiny amounts of recreational drugs to help me address that sounds like a good time to me.

Microdosing for productivity is nothing new, of course. Silicon Valley nerds have been raving about taking tiny doses of drugs for ages. And this TNW2017 talk from Paul Austin has always been one of the most popular ones on our YouTube channel:

The idea of microdosing sparked real interest at TNW. And we even set up a dedicated Slack channel for it and even had some offers to do a microdosing trial as a whole company. Despite loving his talk though, my colleagues and I didn’t dare to take the plunge and the idea fizzled out.

The magical moment

My microdosing dreams were spark again this year. When a developer friend of mine wouldn’t shut up about how his productivity and problem. Solving skills had improved after he started microdosing LSD. He made it sound like “NZT” — the wonder drug in that movie Limitless starring Bradley Cooper.

So I decided to take the plunge. I read some guides, got a tab of LSD, put it in some vodka, let it sit for a couple of days, and started doing tiny doses.

At first, I felt nothing, so I upped my dosage, until I noticed something. The feeling I got wasn’t like the Limitless productivity boost I was promise. I felt antsy and restless instead. It was like a more uncomfortable version of the feeling you get when you drink too much coffee.

Disillusioned, I dropped the idea of microdosing again and moved on with my life. until I stumbled across an Instagram ad from a company called Earth Resonance. — an Amsterdam-based startup that sells microdosing packages from their webshop. It seemed I had finally found the streamlined (and legal) microdosing experience I had been looking for.

So how does it work?

As the name implies, they don’t sell LSD, but psilocybin truffles ( known as magic truffles). The concept is the same; you take a tiny dose of truffles (~1 gram) every other day and you get a very slight buzz. – if you can even call it that – that helps you focus, organize, and work.

Being the cheap writer that I am, I contacted them for an interview and asked them if I could try their product. After a good chat with their two founders I got a month’s worth of truffles, a tiny scale. And a document they call the Protocol.
The Protocol is an extensive guide that helps you with the process. determine your ideal dose, set your goal, and gives you some tips on stuff like meditation.
You start with a small dosage every other day, and increase it until you hit your sweet spot. which turned out to be 1.2 grams for me. This is all dependent on body weight, health, et cetera. But you can figure out what works best for you by increasing your dose every other day.
If you want to follow the Protocol the way it’s intended you’ll have to stop drinking coffee and alcohol. stop smoking, keep track of your daily progress and meditate every day.
I did this for the first week until I realized it wasn’t doing much for me. The reason I started microdosing was for productivity, not for personal growth. After spending a week at my mom’s cabin without microdosing (I didn’t want to tell her). I decided I would finish the month but not do all the Protocol-stuff. It turned out to be a great decision.
In the stressful months leading up to our flagship conference, I did a dose every time I had a busy day ahead of me. It improved my productivity, especially in the first half of the day.
It’s hard to describe the effects of a microdose without sounding like an ad. You know how sometimes you have a productive day, for no discernible reason? Microdosing gives a similar feeling. Tasks get easier to tackle, you feel more creative, and distractions are easier to ignore.
It’s important to note though that it’s a minor effect. So you set you expectations — but it’s a powerful tool once you get used to it. The effect is subdue, you might even notice it, but the results I saw in my work were far from it. is on a mission to give everyone a chance to see what it’s like to microdose psilocybin truffles. — in a legal manner.
Lucky for me, a recent change in the Dutch tax code has that made possible here in the Netherlands. When magic truffles became a ‘luxury good’ (at 19% VAT). it got the legal status that allowed companies like to start selling truffles online. without having to worry about repercussions. founder, Robert Nass. Told me people have opened up to microdosing since coronavirus lockdowns started. Orders have gone up. As people start to seek new experimental ways to deal with these weird conditions.

Of course experimenting with hallucinogenic drugs is daunting, and definitely not for everyone. That’s why offers online consultancy (€89,00 for 1 hour). To help people prepare for their microdosing month. I didn’t get to try this aspect. But the thought of there being experts on staff to guide people. gives you an idea of how serious this company is about normalizing microdosing.

The future of microdosing

The answer Nass gave when I asked him about the future of his company stuck with me. I expected a stock answer about international expansion. But if it was up to Nass, his product would be part of the Dutch healthcare package. Seeing how birth control medication isn’t even part of our healthcare package. I wouldn’t hold my breath, but I admire his ambition and would love it if it came to fruition.
For now, the Netherlands is the only country that allows over-the-counter sales of psilocybin truffles. According to Nass, Canada is up next. He told me the pandemic delayed things, but he expects Canada to legalize it within the next three years. I hope they do.
If you’ve been curious about microdosing (and live in the Netherlands), I can recommend you give it a go. We’re all working from home anyway, so why not experiment with small amounts of drugs while you’re there? It’s been a great experience for me and I’m confident more people can enjoy giving it a go. the future of work isn’t remote, it’s also on drugs.
Please read Earth Resonance’s healthcare disclaimer before ordering. If you have any underlying conditions or doubts, consult with your physician beforehand.


Imagine feeling energised, more productive, focussed, inspired. And ready to take on the world. Those are some of the benefits users have experienced when microdosing magic truffles. Forget the idea of having your mind lost in the cosmos. microdosing is about using psychedelics to unlock the synergy between different parts of your brain. To become an elevated version of your ordinary self.


Harnessing the powers of the world-renowned Psilocybe mexicana. six doses of one gram come vacuum-sealed to ensure most quality. Mexicana has a long-standing history of use among fellow psychonauts, religious shamans. And pioneering creatives as they offer a safe. All-natural and pleasant introduction into the world of psychedelics. Our Psychedelic Microdosing Pack allows you to channel a fraction of the spiritual enlightenment. And inner tranquility offered by psilocybin so you stay on-track and focussed.

Psilocybin is the key psychoactive component contained within magic truffles. Once introduced to the body, it interacts with parts of the brain to trigger a multitude of effects. Feel your thoughts connect to emotions with ease. And experience improved insight and problem-solving. Psilocybin allows parts of the brain that usually never communicate to once again “talk” and connect. When the possibilities are the limits of your own imagination, anything is possible.


Microdosing requires the user to follow a schedule. That involves dosing on specific days, followed by periods of rest. Zamnesia recommends you consume truffles every third day, ideally in the morning. The first day of dosing, effects will be at their peak. During the second day, users will still experience an afterglow effect. Before the third day allows their psilocybin tolerance to reset.

Repeat this routine for several weeks. or until you notice a difference in mood, productivity, or social interactions. It’s advised that users take a break after 10 weeks of microdosing. To limit the potential for adverse side effects, and allow their tolerance to reset .

No matter how small. even the most subtle changes in our behaviour can improve several aspects of daily life. Microdosing is about staying in control and alert. while letting your mind operate unhindered by the stress of a modern lifestyle.


Microdosing has a very low chance of causing adverse side effects. But, if, even after following the recommended dosing guide, you still feel overwhelmed. sit down and relax, taking regular breaths—effects will fade over time.

Once opened, store the Psychedelic Microdosing Pack in a refrigerator at 4–8°C and consume within 3 weeks. Unopened, the product can be stored under the same conditions for up to 3 months after being received.

Only suitable for persons over the age of 18. Do not take it you are pregnant, and keep out of reach of children. Do not use if the packaging appears damaged or tampered with.

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